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I'm proud to be Oakland's elected City Auditor, working for and reporting to the citizens of this incredible City.

As your eyes and ears inside City Hall, it is my job to ask the tough questions, shine a light on City operations and ensure that tax dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively in Oaklanders' best interests. Together, I know we can make Oakland the best it can be.

Committed to serving Oakland with the utmost integrity,

City Auditor


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CEDA Loan Receivables Audit Follow-Up

The Administration has closed 11 recommendations and partially closed six recommnedations. The Office's follow-up found that ... read report here.



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Limited Public Financing Act Audit for November 6, 2012 Election

All of the candidates who obtained public financing received appropriate reimbursements ... read report here.



Pension Audit

Oakland's $1.5 billion pension obligations will continue to impact its ability to provide key services... read more here.


Fraud Waste + Abuse Report Volume 7

Details the Fraud, Waste + Abuse Prevention Program's activities for 2013... read report here.


Ethical Climate Survey

Oakland's Ethical Climate Survey asks employees, "Do you think Oakland fosters an ethical work environment?" Click here to read the 2014 results.

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Audit Receives Top Award  from ALGA

Non-Interference in Administrative Affairs Performance Audit won the 2013 Gold Knighton award ... read more.