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I'm proud to be Oakland's elected City Auditor, working for and reporting to the citizens of this incredible City.

As your City Auditor, it is my job to protect Oakland’s taxpayers from waste, fraud and mismanagement by ensuring responsible, transparent financial practices. I am your Watchdog, responding to citizen complaints while working proactively to increase City Hall efficiency.


City Auditor

Recommendation Follow-Up: Oakland Fire Department Vegetation Inspection Audit

The report which assessed the implementation status of the seven recommendations and details the actions taken by the Fire Department to resolve ... read report here.

Measure M and N Audits for Fiscal Years 2009-10 through 2013-14

The audits found that the Oakland Fire Department properly administered and spent Measures M and N funds in accordance with ... read reports here and here.

Limited Public Financing Act Performance Audit: November 2014 Election

The audit's objectives were to determine whether the Public Ethics Commission established adequate systems to ensure compliance with the Act... read report here.


Fraud Waste + Abuse Report Volume 7

Details the Fraud, Waste + Abuse Prevention Program's activities for 2013... read report here.


Ethical Climate Survey

Oakland's Ethical Climate Survey asks employees, "Do you think Oakland fosters an ethical work environment?" Click here to read the 2014 results.

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Peer Review of Oakland's Office of the City Auditor

Independent peer review team finds Oakland's Office of the City Auditor meets the highest standard in government performance auditing ... read more.